Meet Nathalie

I believe that we create our own reality moment by moment

And I believe that you’re here for a reason, I believe that you’re here because you feel that something MORE is calling on you. You want more freedom, more joy, more impact. And you want to feel fulfilled. I am here to help you embody and BE all of that. You see, I believe that you are meant to expand and experience abundance and wealth in ALL areas of your life.

You know too well in your heart and you can feel it in your bones that you’re playing small. There is something deep within you that just keeps calling and your attention – loudly. You want more, something different, you want to feel free and alive. Your heart simply desires something way BIGGER.

I feel you, I’ve been there too.

I feel you, I’ve been there too.

You see, I was once in your shoes. I was stressed out feeling unfulfilled, and I was craving a different way of living and a deeper connection with myself but I just didn’t know the actual steps to get there. I craved more freedom, more joy, more abundance, and more aliveness.

Fears made me play small and I was ruled by old limiting stories that held me back from me being me. Since then, I’ve been on a personal growth path constantly developing myself in order to UNBECOME who I thought I needed to be – so that I could become who I truly AM.

Today my life looks completely different. I live a freedom-based life in Bali with the world as my playground, which is a life I used to dream about and today all of it is my reality. I know that everything I get to do, be, have, and live today is because I’ve consciously created it.


My self-love journey started with eating disorders as a teenager. I went to see a psychologist and spent more than a year in therapy starting when I was 16 years old. So I understood from a very early age the power my mind and inner reality had for my well-being, self-worth, and overall quality of life.

Ever since then I’ve been extremely fascinated by health and wellbeing, spirituality, and everything connected to personal development and human potential. I’ve combined my own journey with years of university studies with tons of private self-mastery training, and certification programs around the world.

I’ve taken multiple courses, retreats, and programs all around the world, and I’ve spent thousands of hours (and dollars) of self-studies in the field of personal development and self-mastery while working with multiple high-end coaches and mentors worldwide.

I’ve been on a long journey in order to detach from who I thought I needed to be so that I could do the one most important thing I needed to do for the whole time. Giving myself permission to shine my light unapologetically and to be ME fully without any holding back.

Coming from my own journey and experience I know that everything is possible if you’re willing to do the work and show up for yourself. I’m not saying it’s a linear path, but I am saying that YOU are absolutely limitless if you choose to have that living in you as your truth.


I was the typical ambitious and high-performance achiever woman who went all-in on the career path. After graduating from university I went straight to senior management and a leadership position managing a big team. At work, I was performing excellently, and looking from the outside, I was ”right on track”. It was just one huge problem, I felt like I was dying and like I had lost my zest for life. At that point, I had lost the connection to my Heart’s Voice and pulse of the universe.

But I kept going as I “should”, once again ignoring the signals and messages I got from my body. I lost weight, my skin didn’t look healthy and I would wake up at 3 am in the middle of the night drowned in sweat with my heart racing having anxiety attacks. I know now that this was my heart and soul screaming for my attention. All this led to burnout and combined with a painful break-up I felt completely lost. As I look back, this phase in my life was a gift and a blessing in disguise.

I decided to take a huge leap of faith and quit my “amazing job”. I knew I couldn’t stay, I knew that I had to trust my heart without having a fixed plan of where I was going next. I sold pretty much everything I owned and decided to go travel the world because that’s all my heart really wanted. I left a good salary and I was not rich in money anymore, but I FELT so rich in spirit. I decided to trust the voice of my heart and I intuitively knew that the answer for me was out there somewhere.

This was the beginning of my awakening and a big transformation. I was forced to slow down, tune inwards, and ask myself who I was beneath all these achievements. I realized that I had been seeking happiness by chasing the norm of “success” living life in a way that wasn’t mine to live, ruled by fear and limitations. I stopped and started to pave my own unique path in order to completely redefine my own norm of what success looked like, and FELT like, for me on my own terms.

You are a Powerful Creator

This I know for sure, you need to understand and honor yourself, your story, and everything that you are and commit to inner work if you truly want to change. Because the power you have to transform by changing the quality of your thoughts and emotions is your biggest asset and power. You ARE limitless if you choose to believe and live that as your reality.

Your mindset and emotional patterns matter big time and the energy of the thoughts and emotions you’re constantly feeding yourself with is essential to understand, nourish, and master if you want to thrive in life. All this combined makes you a powerful creator of your own reality. When things change inside you, your whole life and world will change.

I believe that the most important relationship you will ever have is the one you have with yourself and that self-love is the true path to everything beautiful in life. As you peel back all the old layers of fear, lack, and limitation you will clear space for something new. This is where you can upgrade your mindset, manifest magic, and create heart-aligned success.

My work (and this site) is dedicated to sharing knowledge, ideas, tools, and resources that will help you to become the person you most want to be so that you unapologetically can shine your light and grow your big dreams.

Your best life is waiting for you, it’s time to get going.

What we can do together


I offer transformational 1:1 and group coaching programs that are customized for your specific needs. This is for you who are ready to fully commit, dive deep within, and really show up for yourself, your BIG dreams, and the desires you have in your heart so you can move beyond fear and step into freedom and create a life, career, and business that’s aligned with your wildest dreams.

I offer transformational 1:1 and group coaching programs that are customized for your specific needs. This is for you who are ready to fully commit, dive deep within, and really show up for yourself, your BIG dreams, and the desires you have in your heart so you can move beyond fear and step into freedom and create a life, career, and business that’s aligned with your wildest dreams.

Luckily, you haven’t come here by mistake and I’m confident knowing I can help you to move beyond whatever it is that’s holding you back. If my words speak to your heart, we would most likely be a great fit working together. Let’s talk about how that perfect combination of mindset work, embodiment practices, and powerful daily internal training will transform and expand you and your life into everything that you’re currently only dreaming about.

Let’s Talk!


Let’s Talk!


When you invest in your own heart and growth through inner work, you’re also creating a meaningful impact in the world.

Because as you awake and expand, so will the world.

My Values

These are my core values that I live by every day, personally and professionally. The work I do, this site and all my services are products brought to life coming from these beliefs. As you transform into higher states of being, you become a powerful and loving force on your environment that positively impacts the world. If you want to make the world a better place, I believe that you need to start with yourself and become the change you want to see.



Love is the most powerful state of being there is. To lead with love is a powerful way to change the world, shaped by the love we show for each other.


When you choose to practice and cultivate a culture of joy every day, you have reached a destination within yourself that means you open your heart to receive and to give love.


Liberate yourself from what’s caging you, it will set you free so you can rise and thrive. Give yourself permission to live a life you truly love, and you will inspire others to do the same.


Health is your greatest wealth, and vitality is essential if you truly want to thrive holistically in all areas of your life. It’s what distinguishes living your life to the fullest from the nonliving.


Acting with integrity is what creates honest, transparent, and more loving relationships. Be faithful toward yourself and you will take a stand for a more genuine and real world.


We thrive when we belong and we rise as a collective by elevating each other. Together we can achieve far beyond what a single person could do, together we realize our greatness.

My Mission

I’m dedicated to helping highly driven women with ambition to step into the power of their hearts and become who they most want to be so that they unapologetically can grow their big dreams and create a meaningful impact for a better world of true abundance and limitless love, joy, and freedom.



I believe that our internal work and the way we choose to show up in the world have a global impact. It’s time to awaken and come together to lead with love and higher states of being in bigger perspectives to support our people and the planet we all live in and love. There is enough space for all of us to shine bright, and I believe that everyone should be celebrated.


Your Voice Matters 

I serve as a Global Mentor and Group Facilitator for Your Voice Matters International. A non-profit organization that celebrates interdependence and collaboration with a shared global vision: to create equality and equitable cultures that empower all to succeed in life. Serving girls, young women, trans, non-binary, and Two Spirits ages 14-24 beyond borders.

Power of the Women 

I’m also a Proud Knowledge Partner and Executive Advisor of Power of the Women World. Which is a global network of professional women with a mission to inspire, empower and educate about the divine feminine, our global history, and our collective future, and to promote the importance of collaboration and interdependence for shared success.