You’re ready for expansion

You’re here because you want to lead a purposeful life with no holding back or playing small.

You know you want more freedom, more abundance, more ALIVENESS.

 Everything you currently only dream about –  it can ALL be yours. And it starts with making an empowered decision that will IMPACT your future if you let it. You have to wake up and love yourself enough to decide it’s your turn to LIVE the life of your dreams – personally and professionally.

You need to COMMIT TO CHANGE and let go of limiting beliefs so that you can become a conscious creator of your own reality. I know you want to speak up, express yourself freely while feeling and BEING LIMITLESS with no holding back.


I’m here to tell you that you are worthy of HAVING IT ALL so give yourself permission to BE all you can be and DO what your heart is calling you to do, knowing that this is YOUR LIFE  to live fully and the world needs your light badly.

does this sound familiar?

– You know you have so much more BIGGNESS within you, but you can’t fully access “it”

– You don’t have CLARITY on what’s truly possible for you so you’re not taking (full) action.

– You lack self-belief and unapologetic CONFIDENCE to go #allin for your true heart desires

– You struggle with imposter syndrome and MINDSET BLOCKS that are holding you back..

– You want to experience complete freedom, infinite abundance and ALIGNED SUCCESS. 


– You know you have so much more BIGGNESS within you, but you can’t fully access “it”

– You don’t have CLARITY on what’s truly possible for you so you’re not taking (full) action.

– You lack self-belief and unapologetic CONFIDENCE to go #allin for your true heart desires

– You struggle with imposter syndrome and MINDSET BLOCKS that are holding you back..

– You want to experience complete freedom, infinite abundance and ALIGNED SUCCESS.


When you make a DECISION to move beyond everything that’s holding you back, you and your whole life will bloom - including every single area of it.

If you want to get new (and bigger!!) results, you need to STOP doing what’s holding you back so that you can START doing the “right things” that support your vision and where you really want to go. You need to pay attention to where you invest your ENERGY as it will determine your future.

You are worthy of HOLISTIC SUCCESS and to lead a vibrant and thriving life you love from the inside out.

Your natural state is to SHINE your light – bright. When you step into radical alignment and that state of being, when you start to fully OWN your innate feminine power, you will create a life that’s right for you.  ANYTHING is possible for you when you decide to choose to LIVE this as your truth. 


It’s time for you to BECOME a limitless woman

Are we a good fit?

– You simply KNOW deep in your heart and bones that you’re meant for something more.

– You want to EXPAND your whole life and step into the highest expression of yourself.

– You are OPEN-MINDED to ideas like self-mastery, spirituality, femininity, and creative manifestation.

– You care deeply about purpose, contribution, and aligned success on YOUR own terms.

– You are ready and WILLING to commit and invest time, love, and money in your growth.

Right now you’re not living your FULL potential because you have old limiting stories, negative programs, and mindset blocks that are holding you back from unleashing your feminine power and brilliance. You are feeling confused and frustrated about HOW to clarify your vision and take the next steps so that you can manifest your dreams, and grow the successful, thriving, vibrant, and WHOLE life you really want.



I’m dedicated to helping you become
THE WOMAN you most want to be

I’ve been in the coaching and personal development for more than 15 years, and I’ve been in the entrepreneurial world for almost a decade. I know by personal experience which ways, strategies, and tools really work and which don’t. I have combined teachings and learnings from my own journey with years of university studies, private certification courses, and mastery programs with thousands of hours of self-studies and retreats around the world.  I’m as committed to my own growth, expansion, and success as I am to yours. I believe we co-create magic!

Over the years, I’ve worked with multiple high-end coaches and mentors worldwide and I’ve mastered many of their skills. I use all of this combined with my own real life lived experiences to help YOU uncover your calling, unapologetically claim your heart desires, fulfill your purpose, and create the life of your dreams – personally and professionally.



The Holistic Success Method

I have developed a unique way of coaching where I use more than 15 years of experience and a blend of intuitive guiding, coaching skills and self-mastery tools to help my clients create powerful internal shifts for transformation. I use a five-pillar system where we focus holistically on the mind, emotion, vision, heart, and body. I combine transformational inner work with advanced manifestation techniques as my proven strategy to help you create create holistic success in all areas of your live.


I will guide you through my three-step framework where we will UNCOVER the limiting beliefs that lives within you, seriously UPGRADE your mental patterns and inner self-talk so that you can UNLEASH the magnetic and powerful woman you were born to be, and unapologetically express yourself freely as you create and move through the world you wish to see. 


When you learn how to shift your ENERGY and state of BEING – everything will change for you.

Give yourself the gift


We will work closely together in order for you to expand YOU and explore everything that’s been holding you back so that you can step into a new feminine, more aligned, and heart-centered way of BEING. Instead of any old limiting story, you will start carving your own unique path to a thriving life that lights you up from within with your HEART and DREAMS  as your guides. During the process, you’ll get to create a new blueprint for your grandest vision.

You don’t have to do this work alone or fight so hard trying to fix and solve everything by yourself the “masculine” way. You need kickass support to get crystal clear on where you want to go, AND a roadmap to get there. Investing in your personal growth, purpose and expansion is a priceless gift for your highest potential. Working on yourself will drive massive SUCCESS in all areas of your life. I’ve got you – you just need to be willing to commit, show up and BE the work.

what you can expect

Unleash the power of your vision and finally get CLARITY on what you really want.

Create and OWN a new narrative of what aligned success  looks like and means to you.

Shed and release limiting beliefs, rewrite your life story and cultivate an UNLIMITED mindset.

MASTERING your emotional and mental patterns so you can take new actions with intention.

Upgrade and adopt a MAGNETIC money mindset so you can own (and charge) your true worth.

Access BOUNDLESS and limitless energy by releasing toxic people and outdated patterns.

Become the confident, POWERFUL, and magnetic unleashed woman you were born to be.

And SO much more that's possible when you decide that you are ready to move beyond fear and self-imposed limitations so that you can RISE and THRIVE holistically.

You’re committed, willing, and ready to
show up for yourself fully.

I’m committed to help you to create the results you desire

Someone who's been there too..


Playing small (when all you want to do is to play big) creates a LOT of inner frustration - I know firsthand what that feels like. I ALSO know that personal freedom is available on the other side of fear.

I’m here to lovingly call you out on the patterns, habits, and beliefs that keep you stuck, so you can step into the most confident ,magneti,c and AUTHENTIC version of yourself - who you were born to be.

Welcome to your Become Limitless Experience

The more CONFIDENCE and self-trust you have in yourself and your feminine power, the more successful you’ll be in your pursuit of your purpose and wildest dreams.  


I’m obsessed with seeing other women win and I care about your growth, happiness, and success just as much as you do. I will be by your side to guide you while building a life and career you’ll feel passionate and madly in love with. I guarantee that you always will leave our calls feeling truly seen, heard, and EMPOWERED to take on the world.

My coaching is all about creating long-lasting change and true transformation. We do this by upgrading your whole being inside out and outside in by working holistically – mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Get ready to TRANSFORM and create powerful shifts from deep within, this will expand you and your whole world so that you can create a kickass life aligned with your wildest dreams. 



✓ A Pre-Coaching Assessment so we get clarity and know exactly what to focus on.

✓ A 90-min Start Up Session and VIP intensive to get crystal clear on what direction to take so we can kickstart your journey and create a powerful roadmap from start.

✓ 8 x 60 minute 1:1 Coaching Calls spread out over the 3 months period.

✓ 1 x 60 minute 1:1 Celebration & Completion session to review your inevitable success as we wrap up our work.

✓ Proven Worksheets & Workbooks relevant for your specific needs to work on in between sessions.

✓ Direct access, personal support and accountability via email and Voxer (weekly).


But that's not all...


Unlimited access to the RISE Membership Community & Academy Platform 

✓ You’ll step right into a creative and limitless universe and a global community and sisterhood you’ll feel you belong to. Get direct access to high-level group coaching and mentoring in a powerful group setting ON TOP of all the support you get as a VIP 1:1 client Here you’ll find powerful recordings from previous LIVE Group Coaching Calls and self-mastery training materials to dive into, monthly community gatherings and much more magic that’s waiting for you inside.

Your Investment

How much are those results, your true heart desires and big dreams WORTH to you? If you’re READY to invest in yourself and wholeheartedly show up for your investment to create what you want, I’m your girl.


As seen above my signature Become Limitless 1:1 Experience runs over a three month period. I also customise and personalise my 1:1 Coaching Programs depending on your specific needs, wants and desires. You can book a free Discovery Call with me where we’ll get to connect and explore all possibilities. 

This call is designed for you so that you get to ask all your questions!


This is for the badass woman who are ready...

My programs are for highly driven, brilliant and ambitious women who are willing and committed to SHOW UP and go all in on their dreams. If you want to be the queen of your own show, YOU are the one who has to claim your throne. 

After helping countless other women to rewrite their lives – I know that everything is possible. If you are ready to create a thriving life that you’re madly in love with, then my Become Limitless 1:1 Coaching Experience is for you. 

Expect to walk away feeling EMPOWERED and MAGNETIC  as you’ll confidently walk towards your wildest dreams.


About your mentor

Nathalie Banaszak is a Success & Mindset Coach who helps highly-driven women with BIG dreams to break free from fear and self-limitations, unlock UNSHAKABLE confidence, reclaim their feminine power, and BECOME the fierce, heart-led woman they need to be, so they can achieve their heart’s deepest desires and create a KICKASS life – one that’s fabulous, wild, and free.

Through proven self-mastery coaching programs that combine psychology-based tools, mindset and embodiment practices, powerful manifestation techniques, and her unique Holistic Success Method, Nathalie not only empowers and equips women to upgrade their mindset, but to also take inspired action daily fueled by heart and soul. 


Are you ready to become limitless?



Let’s Talk!

This call is designed to give you everything you need to know about my 1:1 program before deciding if it’s for you. It’s a chance for you to connect with me, share your vision, and have all your questions answered.