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10 Reasons Why Confidence Matters (and How To Get It)

Let’s start with defining confidence

Confidence is one of THE most important qualities we can cultivate. Confidence makes us dream big and take ACTION on everything we want to do, experience, and have. It’s the driving force that makes us say YES to opportunity and explore what we’re capable of. Confidence is key to living our lives to the fullest.

​​Lack of confidence seriously holds us back in all areas of our lives – personally and professionally. Confidence starts with knowing our worth, it represents an UNSHAKEABLE belief in ourselves and our capabilities to accomplish and WIN in whatever we set our mind to and that drives us to grow.

What confidence IS and what it’s NOT

True confidence is created from within. You can’t buy confidence, it is a SKILL that you cultivate over time through life. It’s the practice of being bigger than old programming and old belief systems of not “being enough”. That’s the conditioning that lives deep within all of us, you commit to not buying into that old story.

Instead, you consciously and lovingly work on yourself to build empowering belief systems about who you are and what you’re capable of creating in this world. You don’t get your confidence by the approval of others and external validation to feel worthy. It’s about your OWN belief in your ability to succeed at something.

Confidence gives us strength with style. Confidence is beautiful.

10 Reasons Why Confidence Matters Tremendously

1. Self-belief is key to EVERYTHING

As Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t — you’re right.” Believe in yourself and your ABILITY to achieve anything you set your mind to. 

2. You boldly say YES to opportunities

Confident women know that they only regret the chances they didn’t take. Doors open green to endless possibilities when you decide to say “YES” to opportunity.

3. Keeping FOCUSED on your strengths

Energy grows where your focus goes. It’s imperative to be conscious about where you put your focus. Make sure you focus on your STRENGTHS and elevate them.

4. You are WILLING to Stretch

Confidence lets you know your limits and test them. By stretching your limits you increase them. Go beyond your self-imposed “limits” and you will inevitably EXPAND.

5. The DRIVE to Start Things

Confident women start things, they are not afraid of going for take action and do what they want to do. They start, and they FINISH whatever they set their mind to.

6. You STAND UP for yourself

Confidence allows you to stand up for yourself, you know and OWN your values with clear boundaries. You understand there is power in saying “NO” too, when needed.

7. Confidence DON’T settle

You respect your WORTH and your heart desires and do not SETTLE for anything less than what you want. You consciously SELECT what you want and therefore your experience of life.

8. Playing BIG and shining bright

You have the confidence to be more loyal to your dreams than your fears, and you EXPRESS your whole self – freely and unapologetically by shining your light.

9. Re-framing failure to GROWTH

The power mindset is that setbacks, obstacles, and “failures” are opportunities and lessons to grow and evolve. It’s never an end but rather the beginning of something NEW.

10. Confidence dream and DO

A confident woman takes responsibility, she knows that she is the creator of her reality. She therefore dares to dream big and then dare to BECOME who she needs to be to achieve it.

A Confident Woman Embody Bold Courage

You know a confident woman when you see her, she’s NOT apologizing for who she is, she owns her power with grace. A confident woman knows her WORTH is intrinsic and just IS. The confident woman knows that her bright LIGHT and UNIQUENESS are her gift to the world – and she lets it show. 

She knows that BEING unapologetic has nothing to do with being ” aggressive or loud” at all. Rather, she knows it’s about standing in her full power as a woman when you OWN who you are without dimming your light and natural radiance. Being in your FEMININE POWER is a fierce and unstoppable energy. 

It’s an ENERGY you can tap into which is about your way of BEING, this is your TRUE POWER that originates from within. You have an IMPACT on everyone you meet with your pure presence and state of BEING. Your light and CONFIDENCE are unshakeable, you love the skin you’re in – and that shows.

The Characteristics Of A Confident Woman

They don’t engage in gossip, instead, they celebrate their SHINE as well as others. Confident women deeply know that they need to take care of themselves to do and be their best. They value and prioritize a healthy work and life balance which includes a healthy lifestyle holistically and they reward their efforts.

They aren’t afraid of their purpose which means they create their own narrative for success. They don’t buy into society’s idea of “the perfect woman”. To a confident woman, the “perfect woman”  is a limitless woman which means that she doesn’t have to improve or change anything about herself – unless she chooses. 

Why You Can’t Afford To “Skip” Confidence

The quality and experience of your LIFE depend on it. It is THAT BIG. It is mighty. Confidence leads to holistic success, it is what’s needed for you to take action and own your future believe in yourself, and own your unique skills, gifts, and talents. And most importantly, believe in your ability to succeed at anything.

Standing in a sense of unshakeable confidence is an extraordinary feeling that takes you where you want to go and helps you to BE who you most want to be. It’s ultimately a radical gift of self-love, celebrating everything you are and all the things you dream about. It’s about HONORING yourself enough to say yes.

Become More Confident Start Right Now

“Just have confidence!” is something we’ve all heard but it isn’t something we just opt in to and EMBODY in an instant. You DECIDE to become more confident and then you commit to the practice and inner work that’s required to re-write your old story that’s been limiting you, creating a new EMPOWERING one.

This is brain science, you can change the way you think and behave. It comes down to your ability to practice a skill, learn something new,  and ask for help to better understand a topic or issue – and to move beyond it. The first step to change is to make a CHOICE that confidence is IMPORTANT enough for you.

Surround Yourself With Likeminded

On the journey of change and becoming – personal development, self-mastery, and spirituality are part of the game if you want to fully KNOW yourself and LIVE your highest potential. No matter what the circumstance is, in this context, confident women strive to understand their emotions and own up to them. Whatever the range of emotion, she knows how to navigate it and that makes her unstoppable.

As you embark on a journey to GROW and build your confidence you’ll need support. Who you choose to surround yourself with is crucial for your expansion, you simply NEED others to soar – we all do. And there is something MAGICAL that happens when strong women come together to elevate each other. We RISE above our fear and old stories, and that puts us in the driver’s seat of creating our future as we want it.

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There is no need for you to try to fix and tackle your growth journey by yourself.

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