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7 Powerful Steps To Set And Achieve Goals The Feminine Way

Why Do You NEED To Set Goals?

We all have dreams and visions of how we want to live our lives, what we want to experience in life, how we want to grow and evolve and we have personal and unique desires of what kind of life gives us joy and a deeper sense of MEANING.

Having clarity on our life vision and having clear goals to achieve it is what gives us DIRECTION, and when we have direction we can focus our attention and precious energy on the things that are important for our evolution as we move forward.

Energy grows where our FOCUS goes so with goals we create a powerful and clear path toward what we want, instead of spreading our energy all over the place and getting “lost” in confusion and frustration – that is what “no action” creates within.

Goals Are KEY To Magical Living

Get crystal clear on your vision AND set powerful goals to support yourself in achieving them. Let’s make sure that you enjoy the journey and process, that’s why you’ll have way more fun when you set goals with a more FEMININE approach.

When you have a crystal clear vision combined with clear goals, you increase the time, effort, and energy you spend on an activity and develop effective strategies to progress and achieve that goal. It gives you a sense of meaning and purpose.

Just KNOWING that you are moving forward in the direction of your dreams gives you a sense of fulfillment, even when things go sideways and you get challenged. Let’s start paying attention to how you set and act on goals and watch your life transform.

Here Are 7 Steps To Powerful Set And Achieve Goals (while enjoying the ride)

1. Get Crystal CLEAR On Your Vision

Dive deep into your heart and dream boldly and unapologetically, only you know what your heart TRULY desires so don’t play small and move beyond limited thinking. Give yourself permission to dream big and be honest about what you want. Not what everyone else might want for you but what YOU want.

WANTING is a beautiful state of being that expresses your desire, never deny your wants. If you really want to grow, you need to expand your thinking and in this part of the process – it’s essential that you remove thoughts of all the “hows”. Right now, it’s about how you want to FEEL so go there with no limits.

2. DECIDE What And Write Down Your Goal

There comes a huge power when you fully DECIDE, it’s a declaration of your YES. The next step is to write down your goal, you make it more real and it increases your chances of sticking with it. Look at it every day, and allow yourself to become obsessed with it. You need a healthy dose of “obsession” tied to your goal.

Write down how you will know you have reached your goals and what it will open up for you. Write your goals in terms of what you want, not what you don’t want, and make your goals specific. You can use and google the S.M.A.R.T. model for goalsetting and I’d advise you to tell someone (whom you trust) for accountability.

3. Create An ACTION Plan And Get Started

You need to break your goal down, this is especially important for big goals. Every single step of the journey is part of reaching your vision. Write down your smaller goals and try to set dates to achieve these too. Create “daily systems for living” and powerful habits to back yourself up for ultimate support as you move forward.

Having several smaller goals makes each of them easier and gives you a feeling of success along the way, which will MOTIVATE you to keep going and also make it more likely that you’ll stay on track toward your bigger vision. This is your roadmap to everything you want, it’s about the daily actions you choose to take.

4. Scheduling Regular REVIEW Periods

It’s imperative that you set up benchmarks and setpoints so that you can evaluate your progress REGULARLY. Do this weekly or bi-weekly to make sure you stay on track, and adjust your actions where needed. Be radically honest with yourself, hold yourself accountable, and be your own best cheerleader.

Your review periods are super important because this is when you’ll get to evaluate what’s working, and what’s not working, and CORRECT course based on what you’re learning. You need to be flexible with your goals, meaning you need to be willing to change and upgrade as you go and grow.

5. VISUALIZE And Spend Time In Your Vision

Step into your vision and make it a commitment to spend time in it daily. You need to connect with the FEELINGS and you do that through meditation and powerful visualization. You don’t need to wait until “you get there”, choose to BE in your vision every single day and you’ll program your subconscious to go there.

This means that you holistically take yourself there every day. Create a mental movie of how you feel when you LIVE your dream AS IF you are there right now, as in you are already there. This part of the manifestation process is crucial and it’s makes it fun, BE that new and next-level you starting now.

6. CELEBRATE Your Wins Along The Way

Working on achieving your goals toward your wild dreams is a journey. Commit to having fun and appreciation, it’s a process so decide enjoy the ride. And CELEBRATE all your wins as you go and grow. You want to ensure that you not only measure your progress in “statistics” but also celebrate your growth. 

You are constantly growing as you keep stretching yourself and the wins you choose to celebrate can be small and subtle, either way – make sure to celebrate in ways that light you up and make you happy every single step of the way. Never get “too busy” to execute your goals, celebrating is ALSO one of your tasks.

7. Carefully CHOOSE Your Surroundings

It’s crucial that you partner with the right people, especially when you decide to go for something different. Don’t spend time with the naysayers, spend time with like-minded, ambitious, and incredible people who inspire you, who lift you, and who you know want you to elevate, succeed, and BECOME all you can be. 

Ask yourself this question, WHO is in your green room? Choose wisely and spend time with the people who make you want to become bolder and better today than you were only yesterday. Hold yourself accountable and ask for accountability by those you trust, and who you know supports your big dreams.

Hold Your Vision And TRUST The Process

Keep going no matter what. You simply can’t fail if you decide to never give up. Working towards our goals can sometimes be difficult and frustrating – so you need to persevere and BE resilient. If a step you’re doing isn’t working, think of something else you could try that still moves you forward, and then RISE up again.

If you’re struggling, ask for support and be willing and open to receive help for fresh perspectives. Stay committed, BE dedicated, and remember that true success is an inside job. When you make it a daily habit of connecting to your highest self, your feminine power, and your BIG vision, you will be guided.

You have to have a dream, this is your big VISION for the future. And then you got to do what it takes. Make sure you DO the things you need to do while staying true to yourself and act from a place of alignment. A crystal clear vision AND goals give you direction – and when you have direction you are unstoppable.

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