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8 Keys To Unleash Your Feminine Power

What Does It Mean To BE In Your Feminine Power?

Feminine characteristics such as being intuitive, creative, empathetic, nurturing, and compassionate are typical signs of a woman who is high in her feminine energy. This “being” energy is the polar opposite of masculine energy, which revolves around “doing”. Feminine power is your NATURAL ability to connect with the universe and the world around you.

Feminine energy feels secure in nature, and grounding brings you back to your heart and femininity. Regardless of what the grounding activity might be – it can be anything from a walk in the woods, meditating, dancing or simply being present and calm with everything you do. You enter a calm, yet powerful state of BEING that allows you to access your spirit.

Expressing Your Femininity From The Inside Out

A woman shows she is operating from her feminine energy through the traits she possesses. Physical appearance does not define how feminine a woman is, although personal style and beauty is a way of confidently EXPRESSING your femininity which strengthens your feminine energy and is a way to empower you from the outside in.

We need both masculine and feminine energies in our lives. It isn’t something that’s gender-based and it isn’t “good or bad” – we simply need to find BALANCE (like with everything else in life). For most of us, that requires some serious unlearning and unbecoming so that we can become the powerful women we were meant to be, confident, and RADIANT while giving ourselves permission to shine bright.

Here Are 8 Keys To Unleash Your Feminine Power:


You need to get HONEST with your true heart desires. What is it that you’re longing for and do you feel worthy of having it? Most often we’re blocked, and don’t believe that we are worthy of that next-level of love, elevation, and holistic success. Limiting beliefs are sneaky and lie in your subconscious. What would (and could!!) your life look like if you gave yourself permission to lead your life honoring your desires?


Confidence is a skill that you practice, you BUILD it by trusting yourself enough to be bold and courageous as you carve your path. Confidence can’t be bought, it is a trait that you shine when you’ve embodied the kind of confidence you want. You BECOME a confident woman when you unapologetically show up for yourself, your intuition, and trust in your own capabilities to create anything you want.


Living in your feminine power means that you need to UNLEARN the lack mentality. Meaning that you might (most likely) have a tendency to focus on everything you lack or currently “don’t have”. You need to train your mind into a new way of thinking and being, where you BELIEVE in an abundant universe you’ll radiate that energy. Knowing from the inside out that there is an unlimited supply of love and abundance.


How about bringing more PLEASURE, PLAY, and FUN into your life? Knowing that you can grow, evolve, and be madly successful while having fun as you embark on the path of femininity. No need to take yourself and your accomplishments so seriously, allow yourself to relax and have fun. It is a spiritual practice and an unlearning, it s a journey of UNBECOMING that will transform your way of being.


Creativity is life, it is everything and your connection to YOUR creativity is a direct link to your divinity. When you feel INSPIRED, that means you are in spirit – and spirit is always for expansion and WANTS to express itself. No matter how your creativity shows up, you can’t access it from a place of stress and burnout. You access your creativity when you create space to connect with your heart and trust in the FLOW.


Being in your femininity is all about BEING in your divinity. I always tell my clients that having a spiritual practice is the most important thing for them to stay connected. And THIS is what makes the difference if you want to build the life of your dreams – professionally and personally – from a place of heart alignment (in-spirit) or if you choose to show up in life stressing to please others and seek external validation.


We all have an inner calling and a deeper purpose, and when you connect with yours – you get access to your unique skills, talents, and gifts. When you SHOW UP for your inner calling, you will be led on a path that’s right for YOU (not anyone else). True service is about giving from the true essence of who you are, when you EMBODY your higher self you will be able to create a boundless impact for yourself and the world.


Femininity is all about love, caring, and nourishment. How you take care of yourself is a representation of the way you LOVE yourself and the skin you’re in. Wellness is a holistic approach to your health and wellbeing and this means everything you do to take care of yourself. Basics such as sleep, food, movement to where you live, who you spend time with, and how you value yourself and your intrinsic worth.

Creating Holistic Success The Feminine Way

The FEMININE path to success means that you start co-creating the life of your wildest desires with the universe. You naturally become a force of nature and a superattractor as you’re energies will be all about love, joy, EASE, and flow. Instead of your old way of being pushing, trying to control and fix everything, burning yourself out.

You start to CONNECT with your innermost self, your RADIANCE, and a higher power that makes sure that all things in nature get taken care of. You can either BE the river and flow, or you stress an try to fix and do it all by yourself. When you embrace your femininity, when you let go and let god – you become a force and you simply become unstoppable.

Step Into Your Power And A Brand New You

Allow life to become really fun! Imagine waking up in the morning in LOVE with life and the unknown. Feeling a deep sense of trust and an unwavering faith in yourself and a higher power that’s working FOR and WITH you, never against you. Relaxing letting go of control and unleashing your femininity is absolutely transformational. This includes that you allow yourself to FEEL and EXPRESS all your emotions too.

This is where most of us get completely sidetracked, we live in a society that favors masculine energy and we have been CONDITIONED to operate with the hustling energy meaning “no pain, no gain” where “doing” and working ourselves to burnout is something that’s almost become a norm and something that’s “celebrated”. Let’s change this by creating a new narrative of what success looks like, and – FEELS like.

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