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How To Be a Conscious Creator and Manifest Anything You Want

What Does It Mean To Be a Conscious Creator?

Okay, firstly! Let’s get clear on what we’re talking about when we speak about conscious creation. It means that you CREATE your life by purposely focusing your attention in alignment with your true heart desires. It’s about a deliberate daily practice of vibration management by choosing thoughts, and emotions and taking action to leverage vibrational alignment with what you most want.

It means that you don’t live as a victim of what happened to you, or what happened in the past. Neither does it mean that you are doomed by your current circumstances (whatever they might be), A true visionary TRHIVES under all circumstances because they have understood “the secret” which is that true abundance and natural success start from within, it starts with your VIBRATIONAL alignment with what you want.

It means that you choose to believe that the world is always (and I mean ALWAYS) happening for YOU. And the surest way to measure your vibrational alignment is to honestly look into the results you’re getting in life – or aren’t getting. This means that you have an inner understanding and KNOWING that you have a personal power that is innate, and lives within to create, well – anything you want.

Harness Your Creative Power and BE a Conscious Creator

It’s about studying and learning about the law of attraction principles, it’s about a dedicated COMMITMENT to becoming all you can be and saying YES to all the things that you most want to have, do, be, and experience – without shrinking or holding yourself or any dreams back. One of the biggest gifts you can give to yourself automatically becomes the greatest service you can give to the world. 

Because when you RAISE your vibration and put your creative power into action, the world will follow and rise with you. Manifestation therefore is essentially about universal principles of attraction and ENERGIES. It’s the natural response to having the frequency of thought and emotion move into FORM by conscious alignment – WITH your vision – instead of living in the energy of everything you don’t want.

Let me give you an example of a common desire…

You Want to Accumulate More MONEY and WEALTH

If you want to manifest financial wealth – you have to build a prosperity conscious that grows from an abundance mindset. You have to MATCH the vibration and frequency of the wealth you want. You simply can’t get to wealth if you live in a mindset of lack, meaning that you are consistently thinking about all the things that you don’t have. Anything from “not enough” aligns with the vibration of lack. 

How does a WEALTHY person think, feel, act, and behave? THIS is the energy you want to get into and LIVE. Manifesting money – as with manifesting anything else – starts with you elevating your state of BEING and you do that through deliberately expanding your consciousness. A wealthy person simply THINKS abundant thoughts, regardless of the situation. She knows that her richness grows from within and that when she is RICH IN SPIRIT – manifestation must follow. 

The higher the frequency of your energy or vibration, the LIGHTER you feel in your physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental body. You experience a sense of expansion and greater personal power that comes with clarity, peace, love, and joy. And it comes with radical faith and an inner knowing that everything that you want is coming to you, because what is right for you – WANTS to come to you. And you will know it too well when it arrives because you’ve been part of the creation.

Are You Ready To Become a Conscious Creator?

To summarise, conscious creators have a CLEAR VISION about what they want to have to happen, and how they want to drive their life. They respect that their future is within their own hands, they have an UNWAVERING faith and trust that everything will turn out all right when they make sure to follow their hearts, stay on track and consciously CHOOSE thoughts, emotions, and the ENERGIES that support the highest expression of who they truly are.

In all the work I do with my clients, we ALWAYS start with vision. This is an imperative if you want to be a conscious creator, this is where everything starts. You need to get honest and crystal CLEAR on what kind of life you want to live. You can choose to go from ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY, you can choose that you want to thrive – you get to choose a magnificent life and who you most want to BE.

I’ve made a FREE gift and fantastic resource for you to help you UNLEASH the power of your vision and what your heart desires. I promise you that if you do this work properly, you’ll experience the untapped potential of your BIG vision & discover a renewed sense of purpose, and direction while feeling ALIGNED. I invite you to take action and download my 10-step guide that comes with powerful video training right here!