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How To Become A Lifestyle Entrepreneur

Let’s begin with defining what lifestyle entrepreneurship is, and what it actually means to be a lifestyle entrepreneur from my point of view. Lifestyle entrepreneurship is about combining life design with creative expression, personal growth, and entrepreneurial living, all topics that I’m madly passionate about. For example, to give you a better picture and understanding.

I am a lifestyle entrepreneur working mainly online to help my clients to design and create their ideal business AND life as these two things come together. If you look around online you’ll see thousands of other examples of creators and lifestyle entrepreneurs who have turned their passions into purpose AND profit. There are so many different ways to monetize your gifts and skills.

A lifestyle entrepreneur is therefore someone who looks into what kind of business they can build that aligns with their passions and callings, what they love to do and the lives they want to live. Instead of looking primarily at money and making profits as the first thing, we want to create something that will personally reward and fulfill us and contribute to the world in some way.

What are your unique skills, gifts, and talents?

It’s about discovering and exploring your unique skills, gifts, talents, and who you truly are. It means looking into your personal story and navigating what you have got accessible to monetize that is valuable enough to create a business. Being a lifestyle entrepreneur is about building a business around your passions and dream life. Not the other way around which most often is the case.

It means being responsible for your own success holistically, rather than allowing someone else to decide what success “should look like” for you. Starting out as a lifestyle entrepreneur can feel super intimidating, and it’s not a linear path, but if you value FREEDOM and purpose this could be the path for you. Know that you have unique gifts and talents to share that have a high value.

Creative And Entrepreneurial Living Beyond Fear

It is a creative path and way of living and leading your life beyond fear that gives you the opportunity to create and LIVE your dream life while doing what you absolutely love. The sky is the limit and the possibilities are truly endless – if you are willing to commit to change and show up for the work. The creative path and entrepreneurial living come with personal growth.

In contrast to the more conventional 9-to-5 career where you most often work from an office and the same location every day, a lifestyle entrepreneur usually works online which means you can operate from anywhere you choose in the world. You only need a laptop and an internet connection to keep things running which is epic and creates tons of new opportunities for you.

You become location independent which builds complete work freedom. YOU become the architect of your life which demand leadership skills. To create success your way you need to be passionate, flexible, committed, independent, and resilient. Becoming a lifestyle entrepreneur and finding your niche involves listening to yourself and deciding what you want from life and what’s important to YOU.

Signs That You Are a Lifestyle Entrepreneur

If you catch yourself wondering about your purpose, feeling like you’re off track in your current work, or/and longing to do something else and live another kind of life that lights you up from within (while doing what you absolutely LOVE) – you are most likely a lifestyle entrepreneur in your heart and soul. Know that your dreams were planted in your heart for a reason if you choose to trust that.

Here are some common values for lifestyle entrepreneurs:











Does this speak to your heart? Ask yourself what it is about each word that resonates with you and what it represents. Whether you are currently in a work where you don’t want to be if you already quit your 9-5 trying to figure out your next steps, or if you’re already a lifestyle entrepreneur building (and growing!!) your business you will benefit from examining where your heart wants to lead you next.

Here are seven questions for you to reflect on

1. What am I madly PASSIONATE about?

2. What am I NATURALLY really good at?

3. If I would have all the money in the world, WHAT would I do?

4. How much money do I need/want to live MY best life?

5. What would be my perfect and IDEAL place to work?

6. How can I handle the RESPONSIBILITY of being my own boss?

7. What does my ideal business AND life look like?

Give these questions the time they deserve and see what answers show up. Taking the time to answer these questions can help you decide if you want to venture out on your own, or if you’re already on this path – getting clarity on your vision and what direction you’re steering your business to in order to reach your goals. Know that EVERYTHING is possible if you decide to believe and LIVE this as your truth. 

If you don’t have a vivid and very clear picture of your vision, what truly matters to you and where you want to go, know that your energy grows where your focus grows. If you know deep in your heart that there is something MORE for you that wants attention, that means that you have desires in your heart that want you to listen. Here is another article for you to dive into 5 Tips To Get Crystal Clear On Your Vision.