In this FREE Live Training you’re invited to show up as your most authentic self and share your dreams. We will speak about the most important, valuable, and powerful asset you got – which is you being unapologetically YOU.

When you stand strong and confident in the most authentic expression of who you truly are, you’ll be EMPOWERED to lead your purpose and share your gifts and talents with the world so you can create the life and contribution your heart desires.

MAGIC happens when you surround yourself with like-minded passionate women who are on a similar path as you who are GOING FOR IT (without apologizing for it). Take part in this session and let the energies you’ll gain take you to the next level.

Grab your FREE spot in Permission to SHINE Live Training and I’ll help you to move beyond the 5 most crucial things you need to STOP apologizing for so you can move beyond the excuses that are keeping you small.


Insight on five things you need to stop apologizing for so that you can SHINE and share your light unapologetically.

Inspiration and CONFIDENCE to move forward with clarity of the value of your voice and your offer to the world.

Methods to shift and level up your self-talk and your way of being in order to EXPAND and rise above your fear.

Life-changing lessons about how to build an authentic personal brand you feel PROUD and confident to share.

Gain a deeper understanding of how self-mastery and OWNING your uniqueness are crucial parts of success.



Give yourself permission to SHINE



[Bali] Thursday 6 October, 12.00 WITA
[Sydney] Thursday 6 October, 15.00 AEDT
[Los Angeles] Wednesday 5 October, 21.00 PDT
[New York] Thursday 6 October, 00.00 EDT
[Stockholm] Thursday 6 October, 06.00 CEST


 Zoom (you will be emailed a link to join)


This session will be recorded and a replay will be emailed afterward which will be available to watch for 3 days.

Meet Your Mentor

Hi, I’m Nathalie! Success Coach & Mentor for highly driven and heart-centered women  who are here to play big, make a difference, and lead with a greater impact, while creating their dreams and leading the life their heart and soul want.

I spent years of “hustle” trying to find an entrepreneurial way to support my purpose, passion, and the freedom-based life I get to live today. Now I’ve made it my mission to help you to do the same but with joy, ease, flow – and authentic power.

I’m bringing more than 15 years of knowledge, learning, experience, and expertise into this FREE training. If you’re serious about your growth and leading your whole life as the highest and most authentic version of yourself – you need to be here.

Get ready to SHINE and share your voice while feeling aligned and confident showing up as who you truly are!