Are you ready to RISE into your highest and most RADIANT self
so you can MAGNETIZE your wildest dreams?

In this FREE Masterclass, we uncover your biggest success blocks in a new context. When you free yourself from any mentality of lack and limited ways of thinking, you’ll be empowered to lead your BIG purpose, share your brilliance with the world with unshakeable confidence, and create the impact and WEALTH you want – by doing what you love.

Personal Mastery and your Mindset are your most important assets and it’s a crucial part of the results you’re getting (or aren’t getting) – personally and professionally. It’s time to EXPAND and seriously upgrade your mindset into premium ways of thinking and being so you can release the old and get the results your desire – and DESERVE.

Take part in this training plus high-level coaching and let the high vibration you’ll gain RISE YOU UP. Grab your FREE spot in “Premium Mindset” Masterclass and and I’ll help you to uncover the REAL reason why you’re not creating the results, success and freedom you most desire – and damn well know deep inside yourself that you’re capable of.


Here's what you can expect

✓ Uncover your biggest success blocks so you can BREAKTHROUGH any self-imposed limits and take yourself to a brand new ERA of you.

✓ Gain a deeper understanding of how cultivating a PREMIUM Mindset will help you to get CLARITY on your highest and grandest potential.

✓ Shift and LEVEL UP your self-talk and your mindset in order to gain unshakeable confidence so you can step into your FEMININE power.

✓ Learn how to use your MIND and thinking to grow self-belief and develop bold COURAGE to take aligned action toward your dreams. 

✓ Develop a new EMPOWERING and loving relationship with yourself that will leverage every area of your life, and drive ALIGNED success.




90-Min FREE Masterclass

Premium Mindset: Clarity – Confidence – Courage


[USA] Sunday 21 April, 06.00 PDT, 09.00 EDT

[UK/EUROPE] Sunday 21 April, 14.00 BST, 15.00 CEST

[AUS/BALI] Sunday 21 April, 23.00 AEST, 21.00 WITA


 Zoom (you will be emailed a link with all the information to join the class).



This session will be recorded and a replay will be emailed afterwards which will be available to watch for 3 days


✓ You’re ready to break FREE from success blocks and limiting thought patterns that have kept you feeling self-doubt, stuck, and small.

✓ You want to feel crystal clear, CONFIDENT, and courageous enough to freely BE UNIQUELY you and live your highest potential.

✓ You want to fully live your life EMBODIED in your feminine power, radiance, and magnetism – shining brighter than ever before. 

✓ You are ready to step back into your FEMININE power, get back in charge and become a conscious CREATOR or your own reality.

✓ You want to OWN your worth and value so you can MAGNETIZE what you desire  in a way that feels easy, PLEASURABLE, and flowing. 

About your mentor

Nathalie Banaszak is a Success and Mindset Coach who helps highly-driven women with BIG dreams to break free from fear and self-limitations, unlock UNSHAKABLE confidence, reclaim their feminine power, and BECOME the fierce, heart-led woman they need to be, so they can achieve their heart’s deepest desires and create a KICKASS life – one that’s fabulous, wild, and free.

Through proven self-mastery coaching programs that combine psychology-based tools, mindset and embodiment practices, powerful manifestation techniques, and her unique Holistic Success Method, Nathalie not only EMPOWERS and equips women to upgrade their mindset, but to also take inspired and aligned  ACTION daily.

Today, Nathalie is on a mission to create a global community of empowered women living vibrant lives, rewriting the definition of success, and trailblazing their unique paths as the powerhouse leaders they were born to be.

That’s why she is inviting you to join her on this mission as you embark on your journey toward your BIG vision:

 …A kickass life that sets your soul on fire where you can be unapologetically you – without playing small or settling for the mediocre conventional path.

It’s time to RISE.