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And you’re READY TO expand and PLAY BIGGER

Rise Mastermind is a six-month, exclusive business accelerator and self-mastery program container for ambitious and heart-driven female entrepreneurs who are ready to level up and GO BIG, and get the help and support they need while unapologetically sharing their voice, selling their brilliance and creating their wildest dreams.


We are combining high-end training and savvy business strategy with high-level group coaching and mentoring with the powerful high vibe ENERGIES that come with passionate women on a similar mission collaborating in unity. We’ll cover everything you need to take yourself, and your beautiful business, to the next level.

With a perfect blend of business strategy and psychology-based mindset and embodiment practices, group coaching, and heart-aligned ACTION, you’ll shift from playing small to unapologetically expressing what you have to offer. This is for you who are ready to speak up, communicate with power and share your gifts with the world.

Ready to get equipped and empowered to BE all you can be to grow your business?

This is the permission slip you’ve been waiting for.

You will be part of a group of highly driven female changemakers who are interested in creating aligned success, personal greatness, and excellence in business AND their personal lives. This is for you who long for a community of like-minded and want to take your business and big vision to the next level, committed to expanding yourself, your vision and unleashing your full potential.

Never underestimate the power and magic of strong women coming together in unity

Get inspired, educated, and equipped while being empowered by other women in supportive unity. Community and tools for self-mastery COMBINED with savvy biz strategy are truly the ultimate secret weapon that most women don’t realize they so badly need, but it’s what will skyrocket your success unlike anything else.

You will become part of an global community of other powerhouse women who are here to RISE and play the bigger game. You will get a community where you can go anytime for advice, support and get a confidence boost whenever needed. Expect to connect with new like-minded soul sisters who are on a mission just like you.

Rise MASTERMIND is for you who are ready...

✓ To develop the courage and CONFIDENCE to make the next steps that will take your business, dreams, and self to completely new heights.

✓ To create something EPIC, to shine your light, share and SELL your brilliance, and in turn, contribute to a better world and expand your abundance.

✓To experience life at its fullest, at YOUR fullest: fearless, thriving, free, and EMPOWERED while expressing your gifts with clarity and confidence.

✓ To expand into new realms of SUCCESS and the highest version of you while leading your business and life on purpose, with power, love, ease – and flow.

✓ To rise and become the next round of changemakers, creating real impact by being authentically you and having your CONTRIBUTION felt more deeply.



The truth is, you KNOW this is all within your reach — but you understand that you’ll need help to get yourself and your business to the next level. Get game-changing accountability, help and support with the STRATEGIES you need to reset and upgrade your mindset, build the self-trust to go after what you most want with UNSHAKEABLE confidence, and leap into a “I can’t believe I’m doing this”-level kind of action.

We Are Soulpreneurs

#1:  The conventional path to “ business success” and societal “norms” is not for us as we’re here to create ALIGNED SUCCESS (our own unique way!).

#2:  Playing small and settling for the mediocre path is not for us, we’re anything but ordinary and we OWN that we want to live a rich and extraordinary life.

#3: We know it’s about BECOMING the person we need to be to SHOW up for ourselves and our business (our inner callings) in a new, bigger and more empowered way.

#4: As driven, skilled, and beautifully talented we know we are, we are wise enough to know that we aren’t supposed to tackle challenges alone so we celebrate collaboration.

The soulpreneur path looks different because it is. We simply do things led by our heart’s voice and we embrace creativity, purpose, and self-expression in our own unique forms.


Running a business can feel both scary and overwhelming. It TAKES something and entrepreneurship is personal growth at the top of its game. So as easy as it is to say, “I’m not quite ready yet, It’s not the right timing, I need more experience, I don’t have the money…”. Blaming any outside circumstances WON’T take you to your vision.

You have a few clients here and you’re totally in love with what you do… But you simply don’t have a STRATEGY and SYSTEMS (that’s right for you) in place yet. So even though you love what you’re doing and feel kinda free, at the same time you’re staring at your vision board and wondering how the hell you’re going to get “all they way there”.

Which results in having you running in circles trying to make your “business thing” work instead of taking action where it truly matters. You are so ready to launch your (next) thing, but at the same time imposter syndrome and a lack of clarity on WHAT to actually do, is seriously holding you and your success back.

Whether you’re looking to launch a new product or ELEVATE your heart-aligned business, or simply GROW your full potential…  You need the tools, strategy and support to, not only upgrade your mindset but also change your limiting patterns, show up and take radical ACTION daily where it matters most to get to where you want.

You need someone and a community that can see, believe, and EMPOWER your magic and potential while providing guidance, support, and accountability combined with strategy. 

That’s where RISE Mastermind comes in!

It's time to become limitless...

This POWERFUL 6-month Mastermind and Business Accelerator is designed to inspire, empower and equip ambitious and heart-driven women (YOU!!) to break free from limiting beliefs and imposter syndrome, and lay the foundations they need to listen, trust, and go after their ideal business and heart’s desires – however wild they may seem.

When you fully stand in your innate power, you become a force of light. And when you stand in your truth with crystal clarity on where you want to go, what steps to take next, and what STRATEGIES to implement and you take inspired action on a daily basis in ALIGNMENT with your higher self… Well, then you are unstoppable.

This powerful community of incredible women on a mission and our collective unwavering commitment to conscious growth is the secret ingredient that has helped countless women take their businesses to new heights already. Essentially what I’ve found to be true is that THIS is a #1 strategy that will skyrocket you on your journey!

By working holistically with vision, heart, mind, emotion, and body, alongside my unique coaching methods, savvy business strategy, success framework, I’ve seen women RECLAIM their power, OWN their worth, EXPRESS themselves unapologetically, and finally confidently share their brilliance with the world and earn what they deserve.

So, if you’re ready to unleash your highest, most authentic expression of yourself and sell your brilliance so that you can LIVE your dream – this is your sign.

We begin in June. Enrollments close May 28.

It’s time to RISE.


About Your Mentor

Nathalie Banaszak is a Success and Confidence Coach who helps highly-driven women with BIG dreams to break free from fear and self-limitations, unlock UNSHAKABLE confidence, reclaim their authentic power, and BECOME the fierce, heart-led woman they need to be, so they can achieve their heart’s deepest desires and create a KICKASS life – one that’s fabulous, wild, and free.

Through proven self-mastery coaching programs that combine psychology-based tools, mindset and embodiment practices, powerful manifestation techniques, savvy business strategy and her unique Holistic Success Method, Nathalie not only empowers, and equips courageous women to upgrade their mindset, but also to take inspired action daily fueled by heart and soul.

Today, Nathalie is on a mission…

To create a global community of empowered women living vibrant lives, rewriting the definition of success, and trailblazing their unique paths as the powerhouse leaders they were born to be while creating a better, more inspired, free and loving world.

That’s why she is inviting you to join her on this mission as you embark on your journey toward your BIG vision, and begin to build your life and business from a place of radical alignment while realizing your potential and greatness through community.




Kickstart your journey with a powerful video training that will introduce what’s to come and your next most important steps to lift your platform and elevate your success.


Your brand heart influences everything your brand does, having clarity on your business changes everything. This will be your business guidelines breathing doc moving forward.


We’ll begin with powerful intentions and connecting as we embark on this journey together, and close with a completion celebration for integration to honor your growth. 


Get bi-weekly full support and personalised mentoring to help you implement what you’ve learned and navigate any challenges along the way with the ultimate accountability.


There will be space for a hot seat in every group coaching call to highlight your specific needs and challenges. You’ll get personalised 1:1 coaching and feedback from members.


Having an accountability partner as you go is a game-changer. Extend the accountability you already have in the group container as you’ll be paired with your best fit work buddy. 


Get access to my network of industry experts and get the skills you need to scale as we’ll cover: soulful marketing, social media management and public speaking + storytelling. 


You will get access to recordings of every live group call so you’ll always have the possibility to go back and review. Here you’ll find everything,  all training materials and recordings. 


Here you will receive extended support, you can ask questions, connect with me and each other in between calls and get inspiration, and accountability every step on the way. 

But That’s Not All...

Join today and get these exclusive bonuses worth over $... for free!


As this is an introductory offer and beta version and I’ll be in the process of building the community and membership platform for the official launch in 2024, you can expect surprises and more goodies to arrive along our journey. I care deeply about your input and feedback as this is a TOGETHERNESS project and I aim to create magic with you as the beginning that will grow and evolve to something even bigger as we go.



I’m obsessed with seeing women win and sharing everything that helped me unlock a life of freedom and fulfillment I LOVE, along with the lessons I’ve learned from my coaching clients. 

This exclusive program offers an insane level of depth, valued at over $9600 with the same personalisation & support as 1:1 coaching – but at a fraction of the cost. 


Plus, you’ll have even more accountability with a community of inspiring, DRIVEN women. 


Take radical inspired action today and lead your life as the highest, most authentic version of yourself.

Join the RISE Success Training program today!


We go LIVE on March 27th. 

Enrollments close March 24th.



With the right kind of support AND COMMUNITY?

I was inspired to create this Mastermind because I believe it is time to SHAKE UP the way we define success and do business. Although mindset, strategy and taking action are needed to create a successful business, if you are not building on solid ground, in ALIGNMENT, and in your truth, your results will not sustain.



Over the years I have culminated my knowledge, teachings, and learnings from my own journey while investing a LOT of money to work with high-end coaches, business mentors, and other business and industry experts around the world, so I KNOW what works (and what doesn’t!) because I lived it myself.


This program is the BEST use you can possibly get out of me and my network of fierce female industry experts!
I will give you my inside scoop on what it takes to build your dream business.


And here’s the thing… there was a time when I felt super alone on my own entrepreneurial journey, and it was tough. Since discovering the magic of a supportive COMMUNITY and collaboration, togetherness is now a non-negotiable core value I hold deep in my heart.



So, let’s expand, elevate, thrive, and RISE — together.


Give yourself the support you need to unleash and sell your brilliance. 

You’ll be part of the creation of what’s to come.

Limited spots available – claim yours today!

This is an *one-time only* introduction offer before Rise Mastermind Premium officially launches in 2024 starting at $4999 USD.

One-Time Payment of
$2999 USD

8 monthly Payments of
$419 USD 

(Enrollment closes on 28th May)



Once you apply, you will automatically book a clarity call into my calendar before enrollments close. This is where you’ll be able to connect with me, ask any questions, and get all the details. If you love what you hear and feel in your bones that this is right for you, then you can pay in full or choose a monthly payment plan to secure your spot. 


Immediately after payment, you’ll receive a welcome email with your next steps and guidance to get started, along with an invite to join the private community group, where you’ll find all the action, call announcements, discussions, and an indispensable support network that will feel like HOME by the end of this program!


You’ll get access to your private member’s area one day before we begin the training, so can dive into the introductory module, get into alignment, and be ready to go. Thereafter, we will unlock each module step-by-step as we worth through it together.

RISE Success Training takes place over 12 weeks, through LIVE group calls, pre-recorded training videos, workbooks, and exercises. You’ll be able to access all program material and recordings via the Membership Portal. 


You’ll be given access to the portal one day before the program begins, where you will find the introductory module and resources. You’ll then get access to the remaining modules every 14 days thereafter for 12 weeks, as we will work our way through the training at a recommended pace for the ultimate support and integration.


You will also get exercises and workbooks inside your Member’s area to complement the LIVE training and pre-recorded material, so you can easily implement everything through radical inspired action and experience profound inner shifts from day one.


You will also be invited to join the Private Community Facebook group immediately after enrolling, where you will find all the LIVE call links, and of course, the additional magic behind the method: the beautiful community of powerful women on this journey with you. Here you’ll be able to connect and support each other.


The best thing? You get me and the community by your side, every day, for 12 weeks! It’s the next best thing to 1:1 coaching, but at a fraction of the cost!

When you join the RISE Success Training program, you will get:

  • 2 x 90 min LIVE Community Sessions
  • 6 x 90 min LIVE Training Sessions
  • 6 x 75 min LIVE Group Coaching Calls
  • 6 x Proven Workbooks
  • Lifetime Access to Your Membership Portal
  • Unrestricted Access to Our Empowering Facebook Community

PLUS… you’ll also get these exclusive bonuses worth over $500 fully included:

  • BONUS #1: Guided Visualization Step Into Your Vision
  • BONUS #2: Workbook & Bi-Weekly Abundance Affirmations
  • BONUS #3: Masterclass on the science & art of manifestation

And for the first five women who say YES to joining the program, I’m giving away an exclusive 60-minute VIP Intensive 1:1 coaching session. *Only for action-takers!

This program is designed to be completed throughout 3 months, with weekly LIVE calls and, of course, all the online material you can plug into around your own schedule.


We get started on March 27th and aim to wrap up around June 19th.


LIVE calls will be announced close to the start date to ensure they’re scheduled at a time that works for everyone enrolled – so there’s no need to worry about time zones


You’ll have all the recordings and material to go through in your own time and to keep forever, too!

As much as I would love you to show up to every group call with a high level of commitment, I know that sometimes life happens.


You can relax knowing that you always can submit questions beforehand, catch the recordings after, and catch up with everyone in the FB group to share your updates. You’ll get access to all the recordings so you don’t ever have to worry about missing a beat.


If you find yourself missing out on multiple calls, we can discuss an alternative path to best suit your needs. I’ve got you!

Each LIVE training takes approximately 90 minutes. There will also be exercises that I recommend setting aside a minimum of 5-7 hours a week. 

This is ultimately up to you but having said that, the more time and dedication you put in, the better and more powerful results you will experience.

The methods and teachings inside this program take a unique, holistic approach by combining both personal and spiritual growth, empowering you to connect with your inner guidance and access your innate wisdom. 


Each of the modules is designed to take you on a step-by-step process toward conscious transformation, discovering and becoming who you truly are and creating a new narrative for success, with the intention that you’ll walk away feeling empowered, confident, and ready to birth your dreams into reality.


When you join the RISE Success Training program, you’re not just getting access to a few modules or videos. You’re getting an entire community of like-minded women who are ready to rise up and take their lives to the next level – offering a sense of belonging and connection that is often missing in other coaching programs.


This program is the ultimate guide to self-mastery and personal transformation. And with the comprehensive curriculum, exclusive bonuses, and private community, you have everything you need to make a real change in your life.

I get it! Investing in yourself can be one of the most challenging steps to take. It can feel scary, but I believe that you deserve to prioritize your personal and spiritual growth. It’s what I’ve seen been a pivotal moment for so many women in my life – myself included.


 I also know how important it is to only work with and learn from people that feel aligned. That’s why I offer a free clarity call, so we can connect before determining if we are a good fit.

We Begin Early In June. Enrollments Close On May 28th. 

Apply today to secure your spot & lock in your discounted launch price!

It’s time to Rise