With the right kind of community and support?

RISE Society Membership is the beginning and beta version of a movement that I aspire to create with you. It is the place for heart-driven female entrepreneurs, creators, and changemakers who are ready to rise, speak up and turn their dreams into reality with the power and support of community and togetherness. This is for you who want to, and who are READY to, step into the next evolution of yourself and your contribution to the world.

You will be part of a power group of fierce women who are passionate about personal development, life design, and holistic success in business, career, AND their personal lives. This is a beta version that will run for 6 months before the official Membership launches in spring 2023. This is for you who long for a community of like-minded and want to take your big vision to the next level, starting with yourself to unleash your highest potential.

Never underestimate the power of strong women coming together in unity

Get inspired, educated, and equipped while being empowered by other women in supportive unity. Community and tools for self-mastery combined with savvy biz strategy are truly the ultimate secret weapon that most women don’t realize they so badly need, but it’s what will skyrocket you on your journey unlike anything else.

You will become part of a global community of other women who are here to rise up and live fully. You will get a group where you can go for advice, and support and get a confidence boost whenever needed. Expect to connect with like-minded women who are following their hearts and bigger purpose in life just like you.

Rise Society is for you who are ready

✓ to expand into new realms of SUCCESS and the highest version of you.

✓ to start LEADING your purpose with power, ease, flow, and a big heart.

✓ to create a real impact and have your CONTRIBUTION be felt more deeply.

✓ to RISE UP as a leader and become the next round of changemakers.

✓ to BE who you need to be in order to do the things you most want to do.

What you will get

Six Months of LIVE biweekly meet-ups and group coaching calls for personal mastery, and lifestyle design combined with savvy business strategy. You will get inspiration, accountability, coaching, and mentoring, and you will start to level up your whole way of being which will help you to take aligned action toward you the results you most want.

RISE Society Membership is created to help you become MORE so that you can get what you desire and create the results you most want while feeling supported. By joining NOW you’ll get a unique opportunity to kickstart this journey with me and influence what kind of content and support you want to have in the future on the Membership platform.



We will start our journey together by getting to know each other and our dreams and aspirations, and we will finish with celebrations before the next steps.


Twice a month you will get access to get personal coaching and mentoring by me in a group setting. This is where you can gather all your questions and ask me anything.


You will get access to recordings of every live group call so you’ll always have the possibility to go back and review as you go and grow.


Here you will receive support, ask questions, connect with me and each other in between calls and get inspiration, and weekly accountability.

As this is a beta version and I’ll be in the process of building the community and academy platform for the official launch in 2023, you can expect surprises and more goodies to arrive along our journey. I care deeply about your input and feedback as this is a TOGETHERNESS project and I aim to create magic with you as the beginning that will grow and evolve to something big as we go.

Meet Your Mentor

Hi, I’m Nathalie! Success Coach & Mentor for highly driven and heart-centered women  who are here to play big, make a difference, and lead with a greater impact, while creating their dreams and leading the life their heart and soul want.

I’m obsessed with seeing other women win and I care about your growth, happiness, and success just as much as you do. I guarantee that you always will leave our group calls feeling truly seen, heard, and empowered to take on the world.

I’m bringing more than 15 years of knowledge, learning, experience, and expertise into this Membership and Community offer. If you’re serious about your growth and leading your whole life as the highest and most authentic version of yourself – join us.





Give yourself the support system you need to unleash your full brilliance.

You’ll be part of the creation of what’s to come. 

Limited spots available – claim yours today!

Rise Society Membership officially launch in 2023.

One-Time Payment of
$597 USD

6 monthly Payments of
$117 USD 

(doors close  for enrollment October 23)



YES! This beta version and membership is about getting into radical alignment with your highest self and aligning a new way of BEING in all areas of your life. This will, in turn, help to express who you truly are which will expand your work (regardless of what you do) to new heights.


Rise Society Membership is a place and space for entrepreneurs, creators, and changemakers who are here to play a bigger game. Having said that, if you’re reading this I’m sure you have big dreams and an entrepreneurial heart and SPIRIT  – this is definetaly your place to be!


You will be part of the start and you’ll be able to influence what kind of content and support you’d like to see for the official launch of the membership happening in spring 2023. It is my intention that we create and build this together and your input and feedback matter.


You can expect a growing community and academy platform where there eventually will be guest teachers, a book club, powerful LIVE trainings, and meet-ups, you’ll get first access to exclusive offers such as *hint* exclusive retreats in Bali (and so much more goodness to come..)!

The beta version isn’t a course, it’s a community and a commitment that include frequent LIVE meet-ups and group coaching calls during a 6-month period. Each call will be different and you put in as much of yourself as you want.


You’ll also get a powerful FB community where you decide your level of commitment yourself. I highly recommend that you take advantage of this resource in the membership, and I suggest checking in and interacting a couple of times each week.


Having said, that, I am mindful that you may be entering RISE with other big commitments such as a full-time job or a family. So it’s important to know that you can work this around you, and you can always revisit the recordings if you miss a LIVE session.


Hence, that’s why I’ve consciously put together this so that you can make this work regardless of what your current life and circumstances might look like. As long as you are committed and willing to show up with what you have – you’ve got it.

In the beta version, there will be an intimate group to ensure everyone receives great support. I will be checking in with you every week via our Facebook community and I will be there to empower you and provide direct support, mentoring, and feedback.


You will also be able to submit questions and ask about challenges you’re facing for direct support in our biweekly Live Group Coaching Calls. If you want 1:1 coaching and want to get personally mentored by me, you can apply for this as a VIP upgrade add-on.


Connect with me to explore this option! *limited spots*

We officially begin our RISE journey in November and the first call takes place on Thursday, November 3 at 1 pm Bali time. Since this is an online Membership, you can join from anywhere in the world which means that you will become part of an empowering global community of like-minded and other courageous women who are going for it.


These are the planned dates for our calls happening on Thursdays starting 1 pm Bali time (dates and times with reservation for potential changes).


Community Sessions (2 x 90 min):
November 3, April 20


Group Coaching Calls (10 x 75 min): 

November 17, December 1, December 15, January 12, January 26, February 9, February 23, March 9, March 23, April 6

Possibly. But I can guarantee you that the time, money, and energy you would waste along the way would be a very bad choice of investment. Rise Society Membership will provide you directly with powerful key teachings, tools, and resources through Group Coaching that are ultimately about growing the most important  asset you have – YOU.


Ultimately, the time you would have to spend searching google, sifting through free trainings, downloads, webinars, and content you’re not even sure if it’s up-to-date (because the online world changes FAST!) is valuable time that you could be spending feeling happy, excited, and fulfilled getting paid to work with your ideal clients.


If you’re tired of feeling overwhelmed by doing #allthethings yourself, wondering what you’re “doing wrong”, feeling fed up with trying strategy after strategy that doesn’t feel right and without giving you any real results. Then NOW is the time to rise up and give yourself the support, and accountability so you can set yourself up for success.

The most ideal would definitely be if you could show up to every group call, it’s important you join with a high level of commitment. Having said that – we all know that life happens. Most program participants I have usually end up missing at least one call or meet-up, for various reasons out of their control.


You can relax knowing that you always can submit questions beforehand, watch a recording of the call afterward, and catch up with everyone in the FB group to share your updates. Plusss, you’ll get access to all the recordings so you don’t ever have to worry that you’re missing out on any information.

Rise Society Membership is a long-term investment if you want it to as this is just the beginning. This is NOT about pushing, hustling, or “making it happen” by force, rather it’s about getting aligned, personal mastery, and learning how to step into the power of your heart so you can take inspired action from that place in all areas of your life.

The LIVE meet-ups and FB group will give you a global community, support, and direct feedback not only from me but from a group of other inspiring and motivated women entrepreneurs who understand exactly what you’re going through and will cheer you on. Having accountability and a tribe of like-minded is extremely powerful.

Easy! Enrollments for this offer are open until October 23 before doors close. By joining Rise Society Membership now, you GET TO KEEP THIS PRICE for life. This means that you can extend your membership when the official platform launches in spring 2023.

If you love what you hear and if you feel it in your bones that this is right for you, then you can pay in full or choose a monthly payment plan to secure your spot. Then I will get back to you via email or DM within 48h (on business days) to let you know the next steps.