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Why You Need To Let Go And Fall In Love With The Unknown

What is the spiritual meaning of letting go?

Letting go and living in our femininity is about a more surrendered way of life and it is an important aspect of our mental, emotional, physical, and SPIRITUAL well-being. Holding onto negative thoughts, emotions, and experiences can be detrimental to our wellness, it seriously prevents us from moving forward. 

We tend to hold on to, and even CLING to, a lot of things. We cling to people, places, plans, and STORIES of how WE think things should be. Letting go and surrendering to the natural unfolding of life is about opening up our hearts and creating space for something new. It’s what helps us to grow, expand and evolve. 

It’s about stopping worrying and switching the worry to radical faith in the universe. Learning how to LET GO and surrender to the natural flow of life opens you up to a limitless world and way of being. What if you learned to embrace the mystery of life, and adopt a completely new mindset around life and living?

When You KNOW That You’re Backed By Heaven

What’s on the other side of your comfort zone and the familiar, the “safe” that you already know? If you truly know and trust that you are held by something bigger and far greater than your own capacity of planning and “figuring things out” that means that you are held and backed by heaven, it means you are limitless. 

When you let go of the idea that you NEED to be in charge at all times, you develop more trust in the face of the unknown. The more trust you extend, the more gratefully you can embrace not-knowing and learn from your experiences. You deepen your capacity to not only BE with life as it is but to also love what is.

When we drop the “need to know” it opens up for infinite abundance and divine love. Life is not a problem and a never-ending struggle. What if you would view and embrace life as a mystery to be LIVED fully and experienced? By making peace with “not knowing” we open up for the bigger life that’s calling on us.

Because You Already Knew That Within

By shifting the focus from everything you don’t know about your present situation to accepting the fact that all the information you have at this moment is exactly everything that you need to know you are able to align yourself with faith. When you do this, you’ll know it’s true because you will feel a deep sense of ease.

With faith, you don’t need any facts, information, or “physical evidence” to prove your choice(s). The only thing you need to know is that your choice resonates with your inner being, there is a part of you that already knows. Our souls are having fun playing as a human, so allow your spirit to play and BE free.

Trust And Practice Divine Patience

When you find yourself at a crossroads where something old has come to an end and the new is yet to be formed, you can choose to be gentle and patient with yourself. As you release the old, you can trust that the universe is simply creating the space for the new and what WANTS to be birthed into your life. 

You can’t “hurry” the manifestation process and sometimes when you don’t know when, don’t know how, don’t know what or with whom, something magical happens. This is when we open ourselves up to the mystery of life that simply allows us to bow to a design and intelligence infinitely greater than our own. 

The Only Work You Ever Need To Do

Your REAL “job” is to be honest with yourself, tune inwards, and get clarity on what it is that you really want, what it is that your heart is trying to tell you. When you get clarity on the messages of your heart, you get to co-create everything that you desire WITH the universe, this is the true magic behind manifestation.

Get clear, ask, and make it a PRIORITY to keep your heart healthy and open to be able to receive what you ask for. What you want is ALWAYS given to you, you just need to LET GO of your personal agenda of “HOW” you think it should happen and remove the obstacles to receiving everything you truly want.

This is where you get to really practice how to let go and trust. What kind of life do YOU want to lead and live? Download my FREE 10-step guide “Unleash the power of your vision” + powerful video training to help you gain clarity on what you REALLY want and become a conscious creator of your reality.