The Uplevel Your Life
Coaching Program

enter a 3 month journey of TRANSFORMATION

The Uplevel Your Life Coaching Program

This is a personal and powerful 3-month program in which we will meet up online twice a month. I’ve consciously built this program to help you create long-lasting and sustainable change that will help you break free from limitations in order to thrive and create a life you love from inside out. You will get personal 1:1 coaching, guidance, and wholehearted support from me during the whole program with a complete focus on you, and your thought and emotional patterns connected to the habits and imprints you developed over time.

We will work with specific themes during the program, the content will, however, be tailored for your specific needs. You will gain all the knowledge and insights you need in order to create a change within yourself that will last. In total, you will get a specially customized coaching program for you to follow step by step which will completely change your relationship towards both yourself, others and all your possibilities. Expect to walk away with a new awareness of yourself and a brand new way of thinking, being and living.

This is what you will receive


+ A Pre-Coaching Questionnaire 

You will get a questionnaire that will help you gain clarity in what it is that you really wish to achieve with your coaching. You will send these answers to me before our first session and this will be the foundation for our future work together. 

+ 1 x 90 min Start-up Session 

We will meet up on Zoom and use the questionnaire to really work through your history and background. This is where we spend time to get to know each other and clarify what will be your focus areas to work on during the upcoming months. 

+ 6 x 60 min Coaching Sessions

Every second week we will meet up on Zoom for 1:1 coaching sessions. We will meet in total 6 x 60 min and dive deep in order for you to create powerful shifts and changes within. 

+ Customized Exercises & Powerful tools

You will get specially tailored worksheets with powerful and relevant exercises and tools for your personal needs to work with on your own in between sessions.

+ Reflecting & Intention Setting Workbook

You will receive a Reflection & Intention Setting Workbook at the end of the program to make sure that you get the most out of the program and know your next steps when we’re finished.

+ Voxer & Email Support

You will have full access to me on both Voxer and email where you can ask questions and get support on thoughts, reflections and insights you will get in between our coaching sessions.  

I also offer longer coaching packages if you wish more ongoing support.

Change is inevitable but the journey of transformations is a conscious and beautiful choice

All the details


This is a 3-month personal online program so you can attend no matter where you are in the world. We will meet up twice a month via Zoom for powerful 1:1 coaching sessions. Every month you will also be able to take these trainings further via specially tailored exercises to work with in between our sessions. You will have full access to me via Voxer and email during our time together when you feel you need support and guidance along the way. You will also get a Reflecting & Intention Setting Workbook after our last session which will help you to keep going on your own. There will be a complete focus on you as an individual and know that you will be in a safe, warm and intimate space during the entire coaching process.

Your Investment

$3000 USD

I also offer payment plan options.

Love from clients

“Nathalie gives me tons of energy. She is always positive, understanding and present whilst she radiate joy and love for her work which makes you feel trust very fast. Sessions and talks with her feels so light that you easily can talk about even the most difficult things in life without feeling bad about it. Thank you so much” – Angelica Svensson

“I always perceived you as very competent and dedicated and so warm and friendly at the same time. Your joy, enthusiasm and ambition is contagious and inspired me a lot. Something I really appreciated was the fact that you always felt very committed and well prepared for all our talks. I am so happy and grateful for our work together.” – Evelyn Daniel

“Nathalie feels like a natural with such an inspiring personality and heaps of knowledge. You can tell she’s very passionate about her job and that she works with both head and heart. I can warmly recommend Nathalie as a coach if your in the middle of your career and wanna feel good in your body, mind and soul”– Emelie Söderberg

You know deep within it’s time for a change


Somewhere deep down you know that you are not living your best life and you know you have so much more inside of you that’s just waiting to come alive. You are tired of feeling stuck and are ready to dive deep and discover who you really are and release everything that’s holding you back. 

If you’re committed and willing to do the inner work needed to transform your mindset in order to thrive and create a life you love from inside out – then this customized 1:1 transformational program is for you. Know that there will be a complete focus on you as an individual and you will be fully supported by me during the whole process.

Investing in your own growth and self-development is an act of love towards both yourself and others

From my heart to yours

You are meant to thrive in beauty, not just survive. I believe you are meant to expand, you are meant to grow from within and live the life of your dreams and live fully. You are not here to just meet deadlines, achieve things all the time, live for the weekend, stay in unfulfilling relationships or stress out to desperately make other people like you. 

My heart mission is to help you break free from limitations and guide you back to your true self and authentic power where you easily make the choice to be led by love instead of fear. This is your inner place of peace where you know your worth, live life on your terms and are fueled by a positive, loving and uplifting mindset.

With love, 

Are you ready to start your journey?

It's time for you to rise up!

Coaching is an exciting and life-changing investment in yourself, your dreams and your goals in life. You can email me with any question you might have or apply for a free 30 minute consultation call to discuss coaching options.


Enter this personal 3-month journey of personal development and inner growth. You can expect to walk away with brand new awareness of who you are and a new way of being and living.

Your Investment



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