Women’s Nutrition

Women’s Nutrition

NOURISH YOURSELF from inside out


Women’s Nutrition

Would you like to let go of all the negatives and stress you have about food? Do you believe that a more conscious way of eating could empower you from within?  What would it mean for you to wake up everyday feeling strong, healthy and energised? I work with Mindful Eating which is a holistic concept that will empower your relationship towards yourself, your body and your food to a healthier and more loving one. Let the food you eat be something that fuels you with energy, strength and vibrancy.

Have you been?

· Feeling stress about food with recurring negative thoughts about yourself, your body and the food you eat?

· Dwelling in low vibe thoughts and a guilty conscience that just seems to get worse the more you try to get rid of it?

· Feeling confused, lost and extremely tired of all the mixed messages about food, health and diets that’s out there?

· Feeling discontent about your relationship towards yourself, your body and your eating habits?

· Lived way to long with stressful and unhealthy food habits that holds you back in life?

Does this sound familiar?

if so, don’t worry you are not alone!

This is a common thought pattern that many people walk around with every day, women in particular most often have a complicated and loveless relationship towards both themselves, their body and their food. Food is therefore unfortunately most often connected with stress and a wide range of negative thoughts and emotions instead of a beautiful way to empower and nourish yourself from within.

If you could instead imagine a life where you feel unconditional love towards yourself where you appreciate your beautiful body for everything and all the things it gives to you. That would put you in a position where you would feel that you would want to give yourself with delicious and nourishing high vibrant foods that in return would treat you with tons of energy, strength and vitality.

If we would go deep to look behind all your negative thought patterns or the guilty conscious  about everything that you’re eating (or don’t eat) the answer is most often a lack of self-worth and love towards yourself and who you are. There is a reason and explanation to everything we do or do not do.  Mindful Eating is a beautiful way to discover a more joyful and empowered relationship towards yourself, your body and food.



I use Mindful Eating as a holistic approach to work with nutrition as tool for self-empowerment and well-being. It’s about tuning into the wisdom of your own body, the intelligence of your body in order to respect and understand it’s needs. All this is essential for you if you wanna be able to take a deeper look at your eating habits as a first step in order to establish healthy new habits that will support your vitality and well-being from the inside out.

I’m talking about healthy eating habits that’s based on nourishing, natural and clean foods as a beautiful way of empowering and taking care of both yourself, others and our planet. Your food choices matter and what you’re eating is super important. Psychological and emotional factors such as stress and negative thoughts have a huge impact on your well-being, probably way more that you  could possibly even imagine.

That’s what Mindful Eating is all about, it’s a holistic system and concept that offers you a brand new way of looking at yourself, your body and your eating and thought patterns. The more you get into the practise, the more you’re gonna automatically want to take better care of yourself. Imagine a holistic way to build a healthy lifestyle that supports your journey and will make you feel vibrant and alive so that you can thrive from the inside out.


Mindful Eating combined with holistic nutrition is all about choosing, eating and enjoying healthy food as close to it’s natural state as possible in order to give you optimum health and strength. It’s an approach to food choices and eating that consciously considers what’s eaten and focuses on  well-being, vitality and self-empowerment  above all else.

This viewpoint of healthy eating emphasizes the connection of mind, body, and spirit. The goal is for you to achieve maximum well-being, where your whole being is functioning the very best that is possible for your quality of life. Mind, body and spirit – you can’t leave any of these components out if you want to feel your best and thrive in life. Everything within yourself is essential for you to live a life you love from inside out.

Your food choices is therefore a powerful tool to empower yourself with more health, energy and vitality. How you nourish yourself through conscious food choices is an act of self-love and can be very transformational. My offer to you is personal 1:1 coaching, tailored nutrition coaching programs and packages and special designed nutrition programs.

Nathalie Banaszak_15

I’m with you

you will have your own personal cheerleader,

guide, mentor and coach.

As a Professional Coach and Nutritionist I will help you to create sustainable change and a new way of living where you will feel connected to yourself and your body’s needs. I will hold you accountable during our whole time working together whilst at the same time I’ll support you wholeheartedly along your way to a new life that’s filled with more love, joy and vibrancy.

To really put the work in and start working on the relationship you have with yourself, your body and your eating habits is all about self-love. As in all sorts of coaching this can most often be a gate that will open up other areas in your life that’s about improving, exploring and empowering the relationship you have with yourself.

Well-being and vitality starts from within and the food you eat has an enormous effect on your quality of life. I truly believe that vibrant health is the fundamental part of personal empowerment and no matter where you’re at at this moment I want you to know that you do not have to do this journey on your own or fight so hard to get everything right by yourself.

If you deep down know that it’s time for you to make a change that will last and transform from within then you will get all the guidance, support and encouragement you need along your journey.  I’ve done this journey myself and I know you have everything you need inside of yourself to get started. And I feel deeply passionate about helping you!

Love from clients

It has been so nice to have your support during what’s been a hard and challenging time in my life. You are a fantastic, warm, and genuine person and you’re an amazing coach. You’ve given me space and 100% attention and presence during our time together. I am  so grateful that I chose you as coach in order to  move on and change my life. –  Nathalie Marciano

I am so happy I decided to reach out to you because it’s given me so much. It’s been challenging but I feel like I my life back and that I finally can live my life the way I’ve been wanting for such a long time. I would happily recommend Nathalie as a coach for any woman who needs a push to move forward and let go limitations in order to embrace life with more joy – Rebecka Lennartsson

“Nathalie feels like a natural with such an inspiring personality and heaps of knowledge. You can tell she’s very passionate about her job and that she works with both head and heart. I can warmly recommend Nathalie as a coach if your in the middle of your career and wanna feel good in your body, mind and soul”- Emelie Söderberg

Nourish yourself with natural foods and sparkle from inside out

How does it work

I currently have three package options for nutrition coaching and programs. I also offer longer packages for the right woman who want further and more ongoing support.


Get tailored 1:1 coaching and learn the true meaning of empowering nutrition. Food is vital to life and all well-being begins with treating yourself and your body with love, kindness and respect.

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This is a 3-month 1:1 coaching program tailored for you. There will be a complete focus on you as an individual and your thought patterns connected to food, your body, and eating habits.

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the WOMEN’S nutrition GROUP COACHING program

Join this 3-month online women’s group coaching journey for an empowering experience and a more nourished you. Connect and be supported and encouraged by other like-minded women.

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Make mindful eating a part of your everyday life and watch yourself connect and transform